The Null Factor

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Date:23 Jan, 2020

The Null Factor

Private Detective Jack Story has two problems.

The first: he’s a private detective in a city of super heroes. The second: one of those heroes wants to hire him.

Sheldon Kane is a wealthy real estate developer and former super hero.  It seems Sheldon is worried someone from his hero days is out to kill his young wife.  He wants Jack to follow her around for a few days and prove that it’s just an old man’s paranoia.

It’s easy money. Until she walks into a building that explodes.

The police say it’s a suicide. Jack isn’t so sure. When Kane dismisses Jack from the case with a thank you and a hefty check Jack is sure of one thing: it was murder.

Was she killed by someone from Kane’s past? Did Jack screw up and it’s his fault she’s dead?  Or was it her husband the whole time?

When other people connected to the case start turning up dead, Jack can’t miss a step in chasing a killer down.

Fans of the Jack Story series and readers who love a slow-burn mystery with an explosive end will love The Null Factor.

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