The Concrete Goodbye

cover of book

Date:23 Jan, 2020

The Concrete Goodbye

Major Victory, the world’s first super hero is being Blackmailed. The Major’s granddaughter is an unwitting star of a sex tape. If the Major doesn’t pay up, the world gets to see the video. The Major wants Jack to make the blackmail stop. Preferably with lots of pain being inflicted on the blackmailer.

Jack takes the job.

As Jack digs into the case things turn deadly. An explosion kills a young superhero. The granddaughter insists the bomb was really meant for her and not her best friend. That same friend shows up in Jack’s office hours after the explosion, claiming she was the target all along. She demands that Jack find out who’s responsible before disappearing into the night.

Can Jack find who is behind the blackmail and the bombing before others die? Racing against time, Jack discovers something disturbing- what if Major Victory is behind it all? The sex tape. The blackmail. The bombing. The murder. All of it.

What if the world’s first superhero was trying to murder his own granddaughter?

Sometimes being a detective in a city full of superheroes can be Hell.