The Fiddler’s Dagger

Date:23 Jan, 2020

The Fiddler’s Dagger

Quinn thought he had it all.

He pulled the perfect heist. He found the perfect girl. He had the perfect best friend. Everything was…Perfect.

Except it wasn’t.

That perfect girl snuck off with that perfect best friend. That perfect best friend set Quinn up to take the fall. And that perfect heist kick-started the apocalypse.

Now the FBI wants Quinn to fix it.

The nefarious pair need one last piece to end the world. A Dagger. A dagger so sharp it can cut the skin of the world open and let the unnamed horrors from outside the universe back in.

Can Quinn steal the dagger before his Ex’s can use it to destroy the world?

And if he does save the world, does that count as getting back at his Ex’s? 

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