Saint Heist

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Date:23 Jan, 2020


Saint Heist

Any Other Story, and he’d be the bad guy.

Quinn is a talented sorcerer and a better con artist. But even the best get caught. On his first day out of prison, Quinn has one thing on his mind: steak dinner. Rare with blue cheese sprinkles and probably those fried onion bits on top.

What he didn’t have in mind, was a member of his parole board asking him for a favor during his first good meal in years. Steal a skull from a powerful LA necromancer. A skull that might grant the owner the power to destroy the world.

Quinn assembles a team of supernatural criminals that should be able to steal the skull before lunch. Except the angelic crime boss forces Quinn to swear a magical oath to not steal the skull. And the necromancer ropes Quinn into a scheme to rob a bank.

Somehow Quinn has to help the necromancer rob a bank. Steal the skull without him noticing and not break his oath to the Angel. And he has to do it while trying to find out who in the group is out to betray him. All of it leaves Quinn with just one question on his mind: why would the parole board want a skull capable of destroying the world?

Suddenly, prison doesn’t seem so bad.