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The Long Hard Time

Jack Story is a private detective in a city full of heroes but sometimes the bad guys need help.

Seven years ago The Maw, a minor player on the black cape side of the game, went to prison. The cops found a body in the trunk of his car. Since the arrest happened when the Maw wasn’t on the job, he went to jail.

But now The Maw is out.

He doesn’t want revenge. He doesn’t want payback. He just wants to find his old flame. She had been writing him letters every month for 6 years. Now the Maw wants to find the love of his life, get married, and have a normal life.

The Maw hires Jack to find that old flame.

Except that old flame disappeared that same night seven years ago when the Maw was found with an extra body. No one seems to have noticed or cared that she went missing that night.

The body in the trunk might have been one of the most powerful superheroes the world has ever seen. A hero that is still active today.

Who was the dead body in the trunk? If they were that hero, how is that hero still active today? Why did the old flame disappear? Where did she go? Who was writing all those letters? Why didn’t the cops investigate an apparent murder and disappearance?

And why does everyone want to make this case disappear?

Can Jack uncover the truth or will he end up the way everyone else in case has: disappeared?