About Me

Samuel Goldwyn thought that no one should write their autobiography until after they were dead. Kajol rather famously said that only self-obsessed people write autobiographies. Mia Farrow said that the only thing she enjoyed writing was her autobiography. JM Coetzee said that all writing is autobiographical. Some unknown writer said that writing an autobiography was akin to using quotes in an essay.

I’m not really sure what they meant by that.

But what about me?

Well, I was born in Chicago. I spent my childhood in rural Illinois, running in the endless cornfields. Just before I made it into puberty, my mother moved my sister and I to Minneapolis. I spent my formative angsty teen years in the Land of 10,000 Lakes.

Did you know there’s more than 10,000 lakes in Minnesota? Yeah, they’ve only actually named 10,000 them. There are still lakes out there. Unnamed lakes. Who knows what lurks in them…

From there I joined the Army. I was a driver of an M1-A1 tank. Yeah, it was cool. I ran over trees!! Shortly after leaving the service, I met a nice young woman and we moved to Texas. We’ve been together ever since. We have two boys with hair like sunshine, eyes that match the sky, and love nothing more than adventure. I’ve worked in comic book shops, big box retail stores, major telecoms, boutique advertising companies, and as a freelance copy writer.

Oh, and I’m allergic to cats, dogs, birds, molds, grasses, and just about 87% of the planet.