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Gideon the Ninth

Pretty kick ass! Gideon is a ton of fun. She’s kick ass (and not a man with boobs). I felt the mystery element to it was a bit contrived to be able to deliver the twist. The scifi setting seemed…superfluous? You could replace all of that with kingdoms/castles and some horses. No, I’m serious. There’s

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Empire of Silence cover art

Empire of Silence (Suneater series book #1)

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Okay. So. Things I liked!  IT’s clearly heavily influenced by Dune. That’s great stuff. Classic sci-fi/fantasy noble caste system. Based loosely on an idealized greek/roman medieval feudalism kinda thing. There’s an emperor. An oppressive church. All the fun space opera stuff. It’s set as a massive flashback of Space Hitler telling his origin story.  What

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Thanks for your vote!

Thanks for making your selection for the next Jack Story novel A Long Hard Time. Want to know what it’s about? Jack Story is a private detective in a city full of heroes but sometimes the bad guys need help. Seven years ago The Maw, a minor player on the black cape side of the

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