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I got interviewed!

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Y’all, every once in a while, something happens that makes me go “wait, what? Me?!?”

One of those just recently happened. I was interviewed for the Author of the Day on Manybooks.net!

Being a writer is a lonely job. I used to think it meant that as a writer you spent so much of your time observing and considering human behavior that you rarely spent time to just enjoy the moment and be present.

Turns out, no, being a writer is spending an incredible amount of time sitting in front of a computer typing. It’s a lonely job because you’re alone for most of doing it.

Yeah, I have some crazy ideas sometimes.

Where was I going with this?

Oh, yeah! Being a writer means being alone a lot of the time and when someone says “hey, would you like to be interviewed?” it comes as kind of a shock. Why would anyone want to talk to lil ol me?

Which is exactly why you should read the interview where I talk about my latest release A Blood Moon Swindle! You’ll find out how Quinn actually took over the story from what I had planned.

No, really, that happened. Quinn took over the story one time.

Check it out!